Friday, 17 October 2014

Hogtoberfest teeshirts - final sales!

Okay guys, a lot of you have been pretty interested in getting your hands on a teeshirt - here's the full stock that's left: 9 small, no medium, 4 large, 4 x-large, 1 xx-large. Next time, remember to preorder the teeshirts and I can guarantee you being able to pick up the size you want on the weekend. All prices include postage on the tees. Make sure your paypal address is correct! Otherwise someone else gets your teeshirt. Tees will be posted via royal mail 2nd class unrecorded unless you specify otherwise, and within 3 working days of me getting payment. Watch this space for extra content, including sponsor profiles, media dumps, videos and race results coming up soon!

Peace out!

    Sorry, out of stock!


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Schedule and last minute stuff!

Scroll down for the schedule!
See you all very soon - While you're waiting to leave on Friday or Saturday, check our sponsors ->

Other news is as follows:
  1. Registration is on the day only now,
  2. Payment on the day is Cash only!
  3. Bring your waivers!
    available here: Click here for waiver & U18 consent form
  4. Under 18's: Have your consent form!

    Campsite info:
  5. Have fun! 
  6. The Lychen will be playing some live music, so get involved

    Fun sponge bit:
  7. Over 18's: Be sensible/responsible at the campsite. No-one wants to miss Sunday due to one too many. Under 18's, keep it sensible. If shit goes down I can stop you from riding on Sunday!
  8. At the campsite keep your speed down, and only park where signposted. Camping is in the same place, but the field may be too soft for vehicles.
  9. Bring some wood for the fire.
  10. Clear up after yourself, and others. The campsite has to be spotless in the morning, or we lose up to £1000!
  11. If it says no entry, or you have to climb a fence to get in, you shouldn't be there and your actions could get everyone banned from the campsite immediately, regardless of time

Monday, 8 September 2014

Registration and signup open! Teeshirts as well!


Prices are further down the page. Also, check out the teeshirts - £13 preorder, £16 on the day. Get excited guys, here comes Hogtoberfest 2014

  • 2 x Riding & 1 x Camping
  • 1 x Riding & 1 x Camping
  • 2 Days Riding
  • 1 Day Riding
  • 1 Night Camping
  • Under 16 Day Riding
  • Under 16 2 Days Riding

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab