Friday, 24 October 2014

Meet the main sponsors: Cult Wheels & Sabre Trucks

From the recesses of the Doctor's mind (and beyond) have come some truly awesome wheel formulae, redefining freeride initially with Cult Classics, and now with a huge range of 'thanes in a selection of shapes.  Hogtoberfest saw us handing out the following wheels:

  • 2 Sets of "Ist"s - an Ism mould filled with mystothane to add a grippier variant to their all terrain small wheels. 
  • A set of the seafoam green isms - the closest you'll get to tech sliding soft wheels without buying a TFR formula wheel, or indeed
  • Cult Creators. Purple core, Yellow thane, these wheels were THE wheel to have at the Summer Swine Stomp earlier this year, and have been hugely popular (and slidey, and durable) since their release.

    Ists: Cult Rider Louis Selby carried home a set for his cone-dodging exploits and Shaine Fourie took a set for #2 in the Open.
    Isms: Shaine pipped his bro to the second spot, leaving Liam in #3 in the Open, but he still walked away with these beauties.
    Creators: Mist Svenibjornsson placed a well earned #3 in the Womens and took these away as part of her prize.
A couple of runs from the view Women's #3 podium: Hogtoberfest '14 from mmmist on Vimeo.

As the third part of the full power of Vandem MFG, Sabre trcuks get an honourable mention - you may have seen their banners up by the corner, and although they weren't providing prizes this time, we hope they'll be able to at some point in the future. Watch this space!

If you want the up-to-date down-low on all the three major sponsors, check out the VANDEM twitter freed, bringing you all the news from all of them in one easy to consume column:

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Meet the main sponsors: Lush Longboards (Cult Wheels to follow in the morning)

Media dump #1 "photographic evidence" will happen tomorrow! If you want your album/photo page mentioned on the blog, get it up on the H'fest Facebook, or tag your photos #skatehogtober in Instagram - there's other Hogtoberfests, but there's only one Skatehogtober!

Slalom report and podium rundown will happen over the weekend - so look out for the full list of what was won by who.

And now, to the main event of today, The sponsors!

Chopping wood since '99 (as their latest logo proudly displays), Lush have been supporting the UK Scene for a long time. Back in the bad days before people slid soft wheels, pretty much every UK longboarder rode Lush; boards pressed in an industrial unit in Sheffield during the early 2000's were hand finishing and numbered and this batch production was the start of  what was to become a globally recognised brand. They are currently producing very technical layups in a myriad of 3D concaves they could have only dreamed about before their move to Bristol and their huge expansion since. Their latest product teasers are for the Symbian 3D and Chopper 3D, which can be found right here for your viewing pleasure. Both boards feature some awesome concave/rocker combos, and the chopper is touted as a "quiver killer" - you can see why!

Lush sponsored us with 2 sets of their very successful white race gloves (they make other coloured gloves as well) and 2 of their most popular boards: the Steezestoker - a un-kicked freeride deck usable for pretty much everything, and their Machine 80's (with the rad Gonz homage graphic) with it's kicktail making it a skate everything board (pictured below, left to right if you've never seen them before.) Well done to Alex Clarke, #1 in the Groms, who won the Machine, and Joe Balwdin, #1 in the open who won the steezestoker.

Picture credits: Lush Longboards Ltd.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Hogtoberfest teeshirts - final sales!

Okay guys, a lot of you have been pretty interested in getting your hands on a teeshirt - here's the full stock that's left: 9 small, no medium, 4 large, 4 x-large, 1 xx-large. Next time, remember to preorder the teeshirts and I can guarantee you being able to pick up the size you want on the weekend. All prices include postage on the tees. Make sure your paypal address is correct! Otherwise someone else gets your teeshirt. Tees will be posted via royal mail 2nd class unrecorded unless you specify otherwise, and within 3 working days of me getting payment. Watch this space for extra content, including sponsor profiles, media dumps, videos and race results coming up soon!

Peace out!

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Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab