Thursday, 10 November 2016

Media Dump #1 - video

BEcause the whole media dump post was getting Really Big (There's a lot of stuff out there) I'm breaking it down.

As with all media, if you're going to repost, or reupload or screen grab or whatever, CREDIT THE GUYS WHO MADE IT!

Thanks to everyone who took their time out of skating to film, here's the stuff!

First up, official video: BucksDownhill have been making videos for a few Hogs now, and havign chatted at length about doing something specifically for Hogtoberfest the crew came through with this ace video covering all the parts of the event,

And on to all the other videos:

Simas Anuzis got in touch before the event asking about making a video - here's his take on his first Hog Hill!

Stefano Ambro Caso got this video out on the Saturday, go give it some likes on Facebook:

Tomas Janu┼íka Has this sweet slo-mo heavy edit on facebook here:

Downhill Heat 1 from Joe Watkins

Alex Stickland posted this as a teaser while we waited for the BucksDH edit - shame we lost the music to it :(

Gareth Chamberlain got a good amount of luge footage, and a bit of some cheeky bkie riding with Tom Campbell.

I think that's it for the videos, message me if you've got one I've missed!

Peace outttttt!


Friday, 14 October 2016

Video sponsor frame, Camping update!

Sponsor Splash. Click on it and it'll go up to HD!

If you're making a video and want to support the event, please could you include the sponsor frame at the end! It helps us and it helps all the companies who're providing us with support. I look forward to all the videos!

Here's a map of where we are camping!
RM4 1NB (write it down)
Remember to follow signs on site, keep to the rules as per the waiver, and clean up after yourselves. 

  • If there's mess,
  • if the floor's muddy in the morning, 
  • if there's washing up to be done,
    Take the initiative and make it clean, or you all have to pay for it with higher camping costs!
(map link if the embed doesn't work:

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab

Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab
Signup details and full pricing in the registration tab